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911 Dispatcher Careers


911 dispatchers form the vital link between callers in distress and emergency response teams.
Through efficient assessment and call handling, 911 dispatchers reduce response times and help save lives.


Becoming a 911 Dispatcher

911 dispatchers aren't just responsible for receiving incoming emergency calls, prioritizing calls based on the nature of an emergency, providing instructions on life-saving emergency medical interventions, and dispatching the proper emergency personnel. As if this isn't enough, they're also responsible for helping callers remain calm enough to provide the information first responders need to understand the full scope of a situation.
Emergency dispatchers know that the more information first responders have when they arrive on the scene, the quicker they can assess a situation and take action. They also know that seconds can be the difference between life and death. 911 dispatchers that are composed and mentally present help maximize the speed of the entire dispatch process, reducing response times and saving lives.